First Day

Working at PRESS is definitely not the first job I’ve ever had and I know it won’t be the last either. When I saw the email from Damon in my inbox I was initially surprised and a little confused. Why was he emailing me at all? When I opened the email and I realized that it was a job offer I was insanely pleased, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I needed a steady job and my chequing account was running on fumes.

I was worried though, to be honest, I had little experience when it came to making a higher caliber of coffee beverage. With this limited knowledge, I walked into my first shift with a not insignificant amount of trepidation. I was determined to not let that hold me back. I had an all-consuming love of books, a passable amount of music knowledge, I was dependable, personable, and customer service was my favourite part of the job. More importantly, Damon contacted me for the job. For some reason he saw something in me that made him think, “That is who I need working here, that there is a girl you can trust with a key to your livelihood and be 100% certain that come tomorrow all your money will be exactly where it’s supposed, your store will be still standing and she’ll be on time for her second shift.”

The introduction to the world of PRESS didn’t take that long. The most daunting of tasks was using the beast that Damon calls an espresso machine. My first impression was that this machine was way more powerful than any other I had come into contact with before and I knew that a battle of will would soon commence.

It was about halfway through that first shift when something sort of odd happened, now Damon said that he didn’t see anything and seeing as he was there too I feel like it was probably just my mind playing tricks on me. I was downstairs getting more cups when I could have sworn that I feel the whole building trembled and an intense ringing started in my ears. I rushed up the stairs but as soon as I reached the top and entered the store again it stopped just as suddenly as it started. Whipping my eyes from front door to the back I took in the entire space but nothing seemed to be out of place, not even Damon. There he was, sitting just where I left him behind the counter, reading his newspaper and drinking coffee.

He looked at me and with a quirked eyebrow said “You find the cups ok?”

I just looked at him and asked with what I’m sure was just a dumbfounded expression, “Did you hear that ringing or the trembling?”

“No, I didn’t hear or feel anything. Maybe it was the subway it runs right under the store.” He replied with a shrug.

Feeling more than a little silly for my overreacting I replied the only way I could to save at least a little face so Damon didn’t think I was a complete weirdo. “I couldn’t find the cups, we must be out.”

It was at that moment the door opened and the moment was broken. All I could feel was relief, saved by the bell. I turned my attention to the customer, I was ready and determined to tackle the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II. So, of course, he ordered a medium drip coffee with cream, I internally battled my disappointment as I opened the fridge and reached in for the cream carton. The only consolation was that he seemed like the kind of guy that people just get along with, and obviously a regular if his more than passing familiarity with Damon was any indication. He did introduce himself to me and I thought to myself as he left that if all the regulars were as easy going and as personable as Aaron was then I was really going to enjoy working at PRESS. I also had to give it to the guy he had great timing, saved me from looking like a total oddball on my very first day.

That first day was short and it’s only now looking back that I know it would take me a while to put it all together but eventually, all would be explained. I would find out that coincidences aren’t always what they seem and that fate worked in mysterious ways. The only thing I knew for certain walking out of there that first day was that when the time came I was going to show that espresso machine just who was the boss. Victoria: 1,  Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II: 0.