Always Say Yes

I remember when I was young, slightly reckless, naive to the “adult world,” with an extreme optimism and excitement to be free of parental control. I was ready for anything and always eager to try something new. Then we get a little older, our past mistakes informing every future decision, and we are a bit more hesitant and a little less brave. Sometimes..

“Did you know that today is the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles’s Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club? Let’s play it!” I said to Sherman as I poured him another cup of coffee.

“That’s a fantastic album,” he replied.

I grabbed the album from our store’s secret stash and gently placed it on the record player. That familiar guitar riff started playing softly through the speakers. Despite being 50 years old, it was timeless and it’s nostalgic vibe began to blanket the shop.

It was 20 years ago today Sgt. Pepper told the band to play. They’ve been going in and out of style. But they’re guaranteed to raise a smile…”

“You kids know this band? This band is from MY time.” A loud burly voice startled Sherman and I, as we had not noticed this gentleman enter the store. His voice matched his look, large and strong with a big beard speckled with grey.

“Of course, it’s the Beatles, who doesn’t?” I replied smiling.

He seemed quite satisfied with that response, taking a moment to stare both Sherman and I directly in the eye before breaking into an unexpected speech:

“I have lived a fulfilling life! I have met and spent time with some of the greatest musicians of our time.” He declared listing off a dozen well known names.

” I have had opportunities handed to me, ones that I did not seek nor know that I needed. And they ended up being some of my greatest memories. If we don’t take chances, life is so dull. If we always stick to the same routines, we lose room for the unexpected and exciting!”

He paused as a strange sound came from the basement. It almost sounded like a human voice, crying out. “Ah ignore that, it’s probably nothing…probably.” I found myself casually saying.

“Anyway, you want to know why I’ve had so many great moments? Because I NEVER say no to things. Always say yes kids. Always say YES!”

And with that he looked at his watch and bolted for the door.

Sherman and I looked at each other laughing, not quite sure what to think of that. Moments later another customer arrived.

“Hey! Can I have a half decaf upside down quarter pump mocha light iced coconut latte with whip and lightly drizzled with caramel, like, cali style.”

My eye began to twitch as I struggled to answer, “yyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…….NO!”