DAMON, Owner of PRESS books Coffee Vinyl

Owner and weekday operator of PRESS Books Coffee Vinyl. He brings years of experience from working at the now closed World’s Biggest Bookstore, and the love only the truly dedicated can have to exceptional coffee. His chilled personality lends itself to the atmosphere of the store, drawing people in to explore the many bins of vinyl and the almost 360 degree floor to ceiling bookshelves. But it’s his mysteriously unassuming vibe that keeps people coming back, just so that they can try and figure him out.

SUE, Co-Owner of PRESS Books Coffee Vinyl

 Art crafter, mother of two, film industry guru and co-business owner of PRESS Books Coffee Vinyl. Sue, a modern day superwoman. A scratched, beaten up old record to some, becomes a piece of art in Sue’s mind. Unique vinyl made jewelry, bowls handcrafted with love. Her creative energy has kept the shop alive with fresh ideas.

VICTORIA, Minister of Magic, and Book Connoisseur

Recently graduated Victoria takes a job at PRESS Books Coffee Vinyl while she takes an education break before starting Law School. Her often unfiltered opinions and observations create a commentary that transforms unsettling situations into comical hijinks.

Her love of knitting, baking, early bedtimes, constantly asking people to speak louder, purse full of hard candy, and disappointment in today’s young people make her better suited for spending time at a retirement community. It’s because of this that she fits in so well at PRESS, a place of old books, old vinyl and the satisfaction of that perfect cup of coffee takes time; so slow your roll young people stuff this good takes time!

REBECCA, Vinyl Spinning, Photo Taking, Art Lover

 “Recent” MA graduate from the Photographic Preservation and Collections Management program at Ryerson, turned; coffee making, song writing, vinyl spinner. Rebecca took a break from the world of arts management in pursuit of new passions. Music music music. You might even catch her performing at some City Love open mics here in Toronto (best open mic in the city! just saying..). However, she has not left the art world entirely and can be caught liaising with talented artists from the east side, installing small exhibits at PRESS. Rebecca thrives off creative energy, the same vibes that drew her to this unique Danforth gem.